10 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

Introducing the Podcast “Technically People”

Welcome to Technically People, a podcast brought to you by Built In. This show will feature experts, thinkers, doers and futurist leaders on the vanguard of workplace issues. They’ll share ideas and tactics to shape a human-centered future of work in the tech industry. Topics include DEI and Belonging, hybrid and remote work, wellness, burnout, organizational psychology, human-centered leadership and much more. In this trailer episode, Tiffany Meyers and Sheridan Orr share how the podcast: - Aligns with the mission of Built In - Inspires leaders to approach their people matters in future-forward ways - Reflects the ongoing conversations Built In has had for years with the most future-forward companies and leaders in tech To pitch an idea for the show or send a note to the hosts, email TechnciallyPeople@builtin.com. And join us on LinkedIn. Tech employers need top talent now more than ever. Visit Employers.BuiltIn.com to discover how Built In can help you attract the sought-after tech talent you need to fill your roles of the future.
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