30 minutes | Nov 23, 2021

Get Serious about Your Employees’ Wellness

Teresa Hopke, CEO of Talking Talent Inc., doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that companies need to get serious about their employees’ wellness and mental health.  “Quite honestly,” Teresa says, “a lot of CEOs have their head in the sand when it comes to this issue. We need to start there and acknowledge and own the fact that organizations are playing a role in creating some of these stress-induced mental health issues.”   In her work with clients, she has seen people whose workplace stress has led them to develop alopecia and panic attacks. Teresa doesn’t countenance the hypocrisy of companies that place unreasonable demands on employees and then wonder why they burn out or leave. Corporations need to prioritize this now, she says, destigmatizing mental health, focusing on prevention and changing the way work gets done.  In this episode, Teresa also shares a personal story of tragedy that led her to pursue her own wellness. At the time of the event, she was in a role she didn’t love. The crisis led her to conclude: Life is too short to be anything but happy. She joined Talking Talent shortly after.    Teresa’s story runs parallel to the way the global crisis of 2020/2021 has led millions of people to similarly take stock of their own happiness at work, leading many to leave. For companies seeking to retain their workforce by keeping people well, this episode offers both inspiration and tactics to apply today.     Episode Highlights: The need for individualized approaches vs programmatic fixes  How to talk to workers about their wellness Breaking down stigma about mental health The need to talk about prevention Setting realistic employee expectations Corporate and individual responsibility to mental health Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast: Reach Teresa on LinkedIn or at Talking Talent  The Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use  New Ginger Data Challenges CEOs to Step Up Support of Employee Mental Health  McKinsey Women in the Workplace Study  Dying for a Paycheck by Jeffrey Pfeffer.    Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn   Find every episode of Technically People on Apple, Spotify and more. Find us on our website and join the conversation on LinkedIn. Listening on a desktop and can’t see the links? Just search for Technically People in your favorite podcast player.
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