53 minutes | Oct 14, 2021

Solidarity in Canada’s Gig Economy w/ Jennifer Scott & Brice Sopher

Paris Marx is joined by Jennifer Scott and Brice Sopher to discuss the campaign to unionize Foodora and the fight for gig workers’ rights in Canada.Jennifer Scott is a gig worker and president of Gig Workers United. Brice Sopher is also a gig worker and vice president of Gig Workers United. Follow Jennifer on Twitter at @PalimpsestJenn, Brice at @this_is_walmer, and Gig Workers United at @GigWorkersUnite.🚨 T-shirts are now available!Tech Won’t Save Us offers a critical perspective on tech, its worldview, and wider society with the goal of inspiring people to demand better tech and a better world. Follow the podcast (@techwontsaveus) and host Paris Marx (@parismarx) on Twitter, support the show on Patreon, and sign up for the weekly newsletter.Find out more about Harbinger Media Network at harbingermedianetwork.com.Also mentioned in this episode:If you’re in Canada, sign the Gig Workers’ Bill of Rights.Paris wrote about why Uber’s Flexible Work+ would be a disaster in Canada.In February 2020, the Ontario Labour Board ruled that Foodora workers could unionize. The company soon after announced plans to leave Canada, but workers voted 88.8% in favor of unionization. In August, they negotiated a $3.46 million settlement with the company.Sara Mojtehedzadeh (episode 79) made a podcast series about the Foodora campaign called Hustled.Canada’s Conservative Party presented a gig work plan written by an Uber lobbyist.Ontario has a committee looking at the future of work that gig workers fear will pave the way for Flexible Work+.Find out more about Gig Workers United (CUPW) and Uber Drivers United (UFCW).Support the show (https://patreon.com/techwontsaveus)
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