24 minutes | Jul 23, 2015

Tech Talk #002 Caribbean, Sailing, iWatch, Fishing, PC vs. Mac, w/ Chris Mahoney Lake Hamilton SD

This is a fun show by two IT sales reps trying to add some color to the DMR [Direct Market Reseller] world. In it they interview customers and prospect clients on good IT planning and implementation strategies. SHOW NOTES This is a Tech Talk Interview with your hosts Trip Nine and John Giordano. Enjoy our second episode with Chris Mahoney and one of his tech's, Zach over at Lake Hamilton School District. When did you get interested in technology? Chris got started as a mac guy in the education department over at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Lake Hamilton School District snagged him in 1996 to help with a million dollar mac deployment. He has been there ever since. Zach graduated from high school in 2008. His grandfather inspired him to go into technology. He promptly went to college to learn about computers; and ended up at Lake Hamilton School District shortly after. What hobbies do you have besides deploying systems and implementing switches? Zach: Hunting and fishing, video games, hang out with his kids. Chris: He likes to take his sailboat out on Lake Ouachita. And he hope to retire down in the Carribean one day. #mentions: 6 days 7 nights, Captain Ron Star Wars or Star Trek? And Why? Zach: Star Wars: Grew up with it and his parents liked it. Chris: He likes both but if had to pick one, it would be Star Trek. Current / new technology you like: iWatch :) Mac vs. PC [Listen in] #mentions: grants, android, iPads, Chromebooks, Best IT moves of 2014-2015 YTD? Lake Hamilton has found a more efficient way to image their machines: 'Fog' Imaging Software. They had been using Symantec Ghost to image their machines but it was taking a whole day to do a lab. Now using Fog, they can do a whole lab in a hour! Wow. What brands do you like and why? Chris is a MAC guy. Zach is a PC and Android guy. Biggest Frustration going into 2015-16 School Year? Logistical bottle necks with PC deliveries. Smaller Budget but still the same IT demands. If you were on a tropical island and could only bring 1 piece of technology – what would it be and why? Chris would take a satellite phone [plus a knife, iPhone]. Zach would take a satellite phone too [plus fire starter]. GO TO http://techtalkinterviews.com/techtalk002/ to see the hilarious video shot we did from this interview. AND VISIT http://techtalkinterviews.com/ for more great interviews. Please leave a comment below and spread the word through social media, use #techtalk002. Thanks!
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