48 minutes | Jan 16, 2021

Cyber security trends for enterprises in 2020

This episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast is a recording from the World Cyber Security Summit - Africa Edition 2020. The event was successful in bringing in fresh narratives, innovative ideas, and awareness on key areas such as cyber threat intelligence, data governance, data privacy, and cyber regulations across Africa. A cross-industry panel discussion at the 2020 World Cyber Security Summit - Africa Edition on cybersecurity trends for enterprises in 2020. The panel discussed several cybersecurity trends and topics that affected businesses during 2020 including: + Creating effective endpoint security strategy. + Cyber Threat Management (CTM): Enabling early identification of threats, data driven situational awareness, accurate decision-making, and timely threat mitigating actions. + Establishing Zero-Trust Security framework to protect enterprise data and prevent unauthorized access to the network. + The Impact of Coronavirus on Cyber Security: How the response to COVID-19 has increased cyber risk? The discussion was moderated by Daniel Adaramola, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Unity Bank PLC, Nigeria, and it featured the following panelists: + Ezekiel Mukanga, Head of Information Technology, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, Zimbabwe + Hisham Mohamed Aly, Chief Information Security Officer, Emirates NBD Egypt, Egypt + Peter Hunguru, Head of Information Communication and Technology, Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA), Zimbabwe + Faheem Ali, Chief Risk Officer, Musoni, Kenya Event details -
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