19 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

1568: Dolby Laboratories - Interactive, Audiovisual Experiences

Stephane Giraudie, a mobile/SaaS entrepreneur, is an expert in developing forward-thinking solutions. He currently heads up Cloud Communications at Dolby, which acquired his company, Voxeet, in 2019.

As founder and CEO at Voxeet, Stephane pioneered in-flow communications, enabling leading apps in telemedicine, e-learning, and collaboration to significantly improve their users’ experience while creating new revenue streams. Previously, Stephane was one of the patented early innovators of digital photography and built corporate sustainability and philanthropic fundraising solutions.

Stephane joins me in a discussion about the future of how we Meet and Connect. We discuss the future of employee and customer engagement depend on interactive, audiovisual experiences. We also talk about how the increase in consumer listening and user-generated content has created a boom for audio-first businesses.

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