25 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

1566: Capbase - The Complete Digital Back-End For Startups

Greg Miaskiewicz is a security expert, product designer & serial entrepreneur. Previously, founded and sold a bot detection startup (Swarm) in 2016 to Integral Ad Science, then led R&D into advertising fraud at Integral, leading up to Integral’s $850mm sale to Vista in 2018.

Miaskiewicz is currently CEO & Co-Founder at Capbase, a venture-backed fintech startup, and advisor at Golden and Mobius Acoustics. Capbase is a digital back-end for your startup: Incorporation, cap table management, stock issuance, corporate governance and compliance in one single platform.

Today, Miaskiewicz joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to share how to avoid pitfalls when dealing with equity, contracts and compliances. We also discuss fundraising for a startup in the middle of a pandemic and the lessons learned he from selling a startup in Silicon Valley.

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