80 minutes | Jan 26th 2018

#210 - BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY "Ten Minute Rule"

The greatest mind in MMA Sir Studboy and Justin Buchholz are back in business!

Studs talk the epic snow day feeling, shredding white pow pow, touch on the reign of president Trump, man's contributing to the warming phase of planet earth, hot societal issues including the ever growing and encouraged homelessness taking the streets of capitol cities; all while taking calls from Stud Nation.

Buchholz and Studboy give their picks and potential match-ups to make in the featherweight division's top ten, following the set fights and coming championship bouts -- MMA math at its finest!


LIVE every Tuesday 7PMish PST! - We talk Mixed Martial Arts, dicks, farts, etc. CLEAN THE SH*T OUTTA YA EARS!!

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