103 minutes | Dec 20th 2017

#208 - CALVILLO, TUGBOAT, BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY "World Domination"


The greatest mind in MMA Sir Studboy and Justin Buchholz get down talking the BS new Star Wars movie and how Disney is contributing to the downfall of man kind.

Christian calls in to ask Cynthia to be his plus one at his sisters wedding - Hosts negotiate the terms and conditions to his date proposal before his big pitch to special guest, "#1 spicy" Cynthia Calvillo.

Calvillo joins with fellow UFC strawweight and teammate Jamie 'Tugboat' Moyle -- the crew break down UFC 219's card and make their predictions, while also taking callers from Stud Nation and the life defining moment when 20-year-old Christian calls in and gives his final proposal to Cynthia to be his date!


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