62 minutes | Aug 15th 2017

#197 - BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY "Summer of TAM: Travel Stank"

Team Alpha Male head coach aka coach of the year Justin Buchholz joins the greatest mind in MMA, Sir Studboy for tonight's special Travel Stank episode!

Stud's touch on current hot topics, including; Touchy Fili's prediction of 'race' war in 2012, the Charlottesville violence, white nationalists, historical statues, the one time Buchholz and Studboy park protested with pussies and more, before breaking down Buchholz' epic Summer of TAM - Touching on all miles traveled, fight cards attended, head coach travel tips and in's and out's of traveling and managing life on the #fightlife road.

#1 spicy aka Cynthia Calvillo busts in and attacks the crew with silly string, prompting a riot end.


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