36 minutes | Aug 27th 2020

035. Reduce Your Paper Flow with One Simple Change

What if we told you that we have a BIG secret that will help you to reduce your paper flow, keep you more organized, and allow you to gain access to just about anything you may need from anywhere?

Our secret that can completely change how you use paper is to go DIGITAL!

That’s right. Going digital can solve just about any of the problems you may be having. We know that it can seem overwhelming and frustrating at times, but with time, knowledge and commitment, going completely digital can make a BIG impact on your time management, organization and productivity as a teacher. 

And guess what!? We have just the thing to help with that! 

[2:05] We have launched our own digital planner and Google Slides planner. With our love for planning and digital solutions, we have combined forces to develop the *dare we say it* perfect planner. We offer multiple formats, date ranges and we are excited to announce that we have also launched these in a Google Slides format for those of you that are die hard Google fans. 

Be sure to check out OUR STORE to see our planner line and get started going digital today!




  • [6:11] #1: Planner
  • [9:02] #2: Checklists
  • [13:10] #3: Student information
  • [15:57] #4: Meeting notes
  • [19:49] #5: Student assignments
  • [24:23] #6: Student resources
  • [27:22] #7: Exit tickets
  • [30:11] #8: Permission slips/forms that have to be signed
  • [30:54] #9: Surveys (parent information)
  • [32:12] #10: Sign ups



While it may be a little intimidating to abandon paper copies, we don’t think it would be wise to completely go cold turkey right away. Start small by choosing one or two from the suggestions that we have listed today. As you become more comfortable with these areas, then you can look to add more. 

The trick in all of this is to “let go” of the paper. If you choose to do both then you will only feel more frustrated and overwhelmed. Not to mention that you will have various bits of information in multiple locations. 

We hope that you can begin taking the smaller steps towards joining us in the digital world. 

Don’t forget to check out our planners by visiting OUR STORE



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