35 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

034. How to Simplify Back to School (and Save Money)

August and September is Back-to-School season. There are constant reminders and the desire to get new items to fill out classrooms and prepare our kids for heading back into the classroom. However, this season can be busy and costly.  Between purchasing new items for your classroom and for your  kids at home, everything adds up at the end of the day. Your time is being pulled in several different directions all in the hopes that the first day of school goes smoothly. 

But… we think we have some tips to help you simplify your back to school and save money in the process. 

[3:12] Tips for Simplifying Back to School

[3:26] Manipulatives

[9:47] Anchor charts

[16:36] Decor

[23:46] Teacher materials


There are many ways to simplify teaching. Your students don’t remember the amount of money you spent or the knick-knacks you purchased for a particular bookcase. They remember the relationship, conversation and the energy you have. Look for ways to be creative and get your students involved. Your students and your pockets will love you for it. 


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