31 minutes | Aug 13th 2020

033. Beginning of the Year MUST-HAVES (Even in a Pandemic)

This year is totally different than any of us could've ever imagined. In fact, things may still be changing by the minute. We know that this is overwhelming no matter if you are in person teaching or teaching online; both of these formats have their own challenges. 

We also know that on top of being overwhelmed, you are probably feeling as though you have no control over anything right now, but we can assure you that there are some things that you STILL have control over. When you focus on what you CAN control over what you CAN’T, you will get more done and feel less overwhelmed. 

Remember, done is better than perfect. 

We have 5 Beginning of the Year MUST-HAVES (Even in a pandemic) for you all today! These 5 things that YOU DO have control over and can help you feel overwhelmed and more prepared for whatever is thrown your way. 

[3:26] 5 Beginning of the Year  MUST-HAVES (Even in a Pandemic)

[3:43] Student Login Information

[6:50] Student Checklists

[11:06] Parent Information/ Handbook

[20:31] First Week of School Activities

[24:30] New Student Kits


The beginning of the year is stressful, yes, but with a little planning, preparation and a strong focus on what you CAN control this year, you will find yourself feeling a little more prepared and hopefully, a little less stressed. 


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