52 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

032. Q&A: Your Organization Questions Answered

We get countless questions regarding how we manage to do it all. From getting things done to managing our teaching careers with our passions and businesses, we share it all! 

In this episode, we are answering YOUR questions, but because we had so many, we have organized them into three separate episodes. This is the first episode has already been released, you can listen to episode #029 to hear all about how we manage our time management.  

In this episode we are sharing your organization questions. We hope that you enjoy them!


  • What organization system do you have in your classroom that you are most proud of? From mrsdennis_tw
  • How long has it taken each of you to find the organizational style that fits your needs best? From sjohnson912
  •  How to utilize a smaller classroom and stay organized. From loladasher
  • What can I do when I have very little wall space? I think my wall with the most space is maybe 5 ft. From mosaicinthemiddle
  • How to organize teaching items in an apartment. I can’t get into my school over the summer. From ashley.zundel86
  • Any tips on how to get started with organizing in the middle of feeling overwhelmed to do it? From pencilsandmagicwands
  •  How do you maintain organization when tired? From daniel_dadgumheels
  • How do you stay organized in the middle of the busy day? I find myself just having papers everywhere at the end of the day. From taylor_leigh77
  • What is a good way to keep up with the flow of papers in and out? From arkitchin
  • How do you organize copies for the week/weeks out? From ourelementarydays
  • What methods do you use to organize the resources you used throughout the year? From mswolfe5th
  • Do you organize materials by month, unit, quarter, etc? From brookeashleyk
  • How do you organize turned in work and work you need to grade? From mrsfoglesong
  • What are some systems that you have used to deal with homework turn in? From khellokitty16
  •  How do you organize student data in regards to formative assessments? From elizabethhaller
  • What’s the best organization for individual student supplies? From plan2teach2nd
  • What is the best way to organize holiday decor/activities? From nhopkin1
  • I need classroom library organization tips! From maddiepizzuti
  • How do you stay digitally organized? My files are all over the place. From miss.lisajordan
  • How to organize things related to distance learning? From hel_chris_
  • Tips for organizing emails? From ecallis74
  • You have videos or organize lists and Google Drive. How do you organize hard copies? From fed120


Organization can be challenging and this challenge can lead to anxiety and frustrations in your productivity. Work on developing systems that work the best for you and ask yourself if you need all the things you currently have. Work to simplify your lifestyle and gain footing for making it through the school year with less stress and more motivation. 


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