57 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

030. Q&A: Your Time Management Questions Answered

We get countless questions regarding how we manage to do it all. From getting things done to managing our teaching careers with our passions and businesses, we share it all! 

In this episode, we are answering YOUR questions, but because we had so many, we have organized them into three separate episodes. This is the first of three episodes and we are going to answer all your time management questions. 


Below are the questions we have answered. Even if we did not get to answer all the questions that were asked you are able to gain some informative insight into how we manage our time.

  • Have you got any tips for not working too much during quarantine? From arrustemaj1
  • How do you balance your time away from school with school work on extended breaks? From ms.brittnidoyle
  • How do you find the balance between planning ahead and being flexible? From hawth018
  • How do you make the best use of your planning time? We have 40 minutes a day. From thecaffinatedcandidclassroom
  • What time management tips do you have for a student working on his BA during quarantine? From edgar 780
  • How to spend less time grading but still have a fair and accurate number grade for report cards? From jamiesloan14
  •  How do I have my students have good time management but still do well in class? From teachwith_mrsguire 
  • You seem very involved in school and other things. How do you balance it? From ali_malone4
  • Can you go over creating a schedule for your planning to be more productive? From heathnoel34
  • How do you make time for your podcast, tpt, etc. businesses on top of teaching? From wajwilliams4
  • How do you manage to plan time for other obligations besides teaching? Ex: Youtube From teachingwithpositivity
  • Top tip for 1st year teachers to establish work-life balance? I start my first job in August. From baker_girl_91
  • How much prep time you have a week & how your contract hours compare to student hour From teachinginthegoldenstate
  • Do you recommend planning your entire week ahead of time or preparing day to day? From arthur_dynasty
  • How do you manage your time and stay productive in the summer? From scout1283
  • What is the biggest time saving tip you can give? From dashielberkofficial


Time management is determining the value in return for each task that you complete in a given day. Ask yourself whether the task is helping you towards your goals, and define your time blocks to completing those tasks that get you closer. 


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