65 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

E27 Teachers as Lifelong Learners with Drs. Aimee Morewood and Julie Ankrum

As educators, we are constantly trying to hone our craft. However, what types of knowledge do teachers need to develop further expertise, and how do we gain that knowledge? My guests on this episode co-wrote a chapter in the recent book, “Principles of Effective Literacy Instruction” (see E 24) that tackles that very subject. Their chapter is entitled “Teachers as Lifelong Learners,” and was one of my favorites in the whole book. Dr. Aimee Morewood is a professor of Literacy Education in the College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia University and Dr. Julie Ankrum is a professor of Literacy in th eCollege of Education and Communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I had a fantastic time talking with Dr. Morewood and Dr. Ankrum. This episode is full of takeaways for you how you can continue you can continue your lifelong learning in the classroom.
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