32 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

Online Culture

Courtney Plotts is back on Teaching in Higher Ed to discuss online culture on episode 347 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode When we look at the culture of learning, whether in the online space or in the classroom space, a lot of students experience marginalization. -Courtney Plotts Research says that marginalization is a self-selected way to deal with acculturated stress. -Courtney Plotts When we look at what successful students do, they are not independent, they are interdependent. -Courtney Plotts We have to be honest that campus culture is not the online culture. It is an extension, but it is not the same thing. -Courtney Plotts Resources Community of Inquiry overview from the University of Toronto Cameras Be Damned, by Karen Costa The Community of Inquiry website Janae Cohn RECOMMENDATIONSWith Friends Like These Podcast Episode 192RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakSkim Dive Surface: Teaching Digital Reading, by Janae Cohn*RECOMMENDED BY:Courtney Plotts
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