44 minutes | Mar 11th 2021

Invisible Learning

David Franklin shares about his book, Invisible Learning, on episode 352 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode It is as much about the student's relationship with statistics as it is about statistics itself. -David Franklin How do our biases affect the way that we think? -David Franklin He encourages an atmosphere in which he can be questioned. -David Franklin Resources Mentioned Invisible Learning, by David Franklin The Spark of Learning, by Sarah Rose Canavagh What the Best College Teachers Do, by Ken Bain Ken Bain on Episode 36 of Teaching in Higher Ed PollEverywhere Coaching for Leaders Good teaching is about having students answer questions or solving problems that they find intriguing, interesting, or beautiful. – Ken Bain EPISODE SPONSORTextExpanderRECOMMENDATIONSInvisible Learning, by David Franklin*RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakAsk for Some MemesRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakA two-year-old's solution to the trolley problemRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakTwo-year-old sister's solution to the trolley problemRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakThanks for the Feedback, Douglas Stone and Shelia Heen*RECOMMENDED BY:David Franklin
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