39 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

Filling the equity gap in STEM Fields

Archana McEligot discusses filling the equity gap in STEM fields on episode 346 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode You really do need that interdisciplinary perspective when looking at data. -Archana McEligot We can’t work in silos, some of the greatest innovations and discoveries have happened through an interdisciplinary perspective. -Archana McEligot Many underrepresented students experience imposter syndrome. -Archana McEligot Seeing someone that looks like them is so important. -Archana McEligot Resources Mentioned Big Data Discovery and Diversity: Through Research, Education Advancement and Partnership (BD3-REAP) BD3-REAP Faculty John Snow RECOMMENDATIONSQueen of KatweRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakThe Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, Jeff Hobbs*RECOMMENDED BY:Archana McEligotMoveRECOMMENDED BY:Archana McEligot
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