49 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

Community Building Activities

Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, and Mia Zamora share about community building activities on episode 349 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode It is not enough to tell students I want to listen to you. You have to build the trust so they will talk to you and be candid with you. -Maha Bali Community is more than just a gathering of people in a room. It is a sense of caring about one another and for something. -Autumm Caines It is something really powerful when we learn together in community. -Autumm Caines You can’t insist upon trust. It has to be something that emerges from moments. -Mia Zamora Resources Maha’s story regarding: OPPORTUNIYISNOWHERE Community Building Resources OneHE Equity Unbound Do unto students as they would have done to them, by Maha Bali Synchronish learning (referenced in this Inside Higher Ed article, which quotes Sean Michael Morris) An Ethic of Caring and Its Implications for Instructional Arrangements, by Nel Noddings The Language of Care Ethics, by Nel Noddings From Twitter Thread to Model to Keynote #OpenEd20 & #MandL20, by Maha Bali Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialogue: The context of virtually connecting, by Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, Rebecca J. Hogue, Helen J. Dewaard, Christian Friedrich Liberating Structures The Zoom Gaze, by Autumm Caines Spiral journal TROIKA Pass the paper Surrealist Free Drawing Introductions Some safety considerations for online community building, by Kate Bowles EPISODE SPONSORSaneBoxRECOMMENDATIONSCommunity Building ResourcesRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakInvisible Learning, by David Franklin*RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakPropose a Community Building ResourceRECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliThe Zoom Gaze, by Autumm CainesRECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliGoodnight Stories for Rebel GirlsRECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliBrains On!RECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliSmash, Boom, BestRECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliTai Asks WhyRECOMMENDED BY:Maha BaliSustainable. Resilient. Free. by John Warner*RECOMMENDED BY:Autumm CainesWe Want to Do More Than Survive, by Bettina Love*RECOMMENDED BY:Autumm CainesFlash ForwardRECOMMENDED BY:Autumm CainesWe want to hear from youRECOMMENDED BY:Autumm CainesOn BeingRECOMMENDED BY:Mia Zamora
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