27 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

Coffee, Community, and Curriculum

Barbara Rodriguez, Jodi Robson, and Michelle Levine talk coffee, community, and curriculum on episode 355 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode It is important to find out early in the semester what our students need in order to be successful. -Jodi Robson Resources Mentioned Audible* The Coffee Shop YouTube Channel Coffee, Community, and Curriculum: ACUE Partner Schools in Florida Join Together to Build Community of Professional Practice Entrance tickets Helping students persist Video assessments RECOMMENDATIONSThe Coffee ShopRECOMMENDED BY:Bonni StachowiakReach out to someone at another institutionRECOMMENDED BY:Jodi RobsonGinny & GeorgiaRECOMMENDED BY:Barbara RodriguezBorn a Crime*RECOMMENDED BY:Michelle Levine
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