39 minutes | Jun 15th 2020

Episode 8 | Meghan the Traveling Teacher talks about teaching online!

In this episode of Teachers Talk Travel, you'll get to know Meghan Ramsey - the author behind Meghan the Traveling Teacher.

If you've been considering a switch to teaching online full-time (or, if you'd like to teach online to supplement your income), you won't want to miss this episode. It will be especially helpful if you're trying to decide between working with VIP KID and Q Kids!

After listening, be sure to join the discussion in our Facebook group. We'd sincerely love to hear about the agency you used to find your teaching job abroad, or about your teaching abroad experience in general.

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Your hosts for Teachers Talk Travel are Brittany (from Teach Blog Travel and Traveling Teachers), as well as Alyssa (from Teacher on a Trip).

Intro and outro music is Gallop, by ϮᎥᏕᎳϮꂅ.