52 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Episode 7 | Abbie Reich shares about her experience with Search Associates

In this episode of Teachers Talk Travel, you'll get to know Abbie Reich - a 2nd grade teacher from North Carolina who's moving to Cairo, Egypt.

This episode is a must-listen for any educator considering the pursuit of a teaching job abroad (and, for future teachers who are looking for ways to get abroad before they even graduate!).

Abbie shares the ins and outs of working with an agency like Search Associates, as well as the ups and downs of planning the move during a time of uncertainty. If you're short on time, tips for your job search start around 23:00.

After listening, be sure to join the discussion in our Facebook group. We'd sincerely love to hear about the agency you used to find your teaching job abroad, or about your teaching abroad experience in general.

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Your hosts for Teachers Talk Travel are Brittany (from Teach Blog Travel and Traveling Teachers), as well as Alyssa (from Teacher on a Trip).

Intro and outro music is Gallop, by ϮᎥᏕᎳϮꂅ.