17 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

Teachers in Transition - Episode 127 - Back to School Stress Management Tips

Going back to school this year is even more stressful than in years past. Whether you are in an area where COVID is under control or you are in an area where it is totally out of control, it has an effect on you. We are in a stage of the pandemic where we have to be constantly vigilant and it's exhausting.That's why it is more important than ever that you take care of yourself above everyone else right now. You cannot afford to become sick. Practicing healthy habits right now is not an option--it's a requirement.So, you need to practice healthy habits and be proactive with your self-care and stress management. If you need help, you might want to download my free ebook called Stressed, Stretched, and Just Plain Overwhelmed:  A Guide to Managing Your Stress and Developing a Greater Sense of Worklife Balance.  To get free your copy, just click right here:  https://teachersintransition.com/ebook.
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