15 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Teachers in Transition - Episode 120 - Ways for Teachers to Relax During the Summer

It's summertime and time for teachers to enjoy their much-deserved time offer to relax and recharge.If you are a teacher who is having trouble relaxing, you may find this week's episode of "Teachers in Transition" helpful. This week, Kitty shares tips from an article she found by Kalena Baker, and her blog post entitled, "A Summer Checklist for Teachers:  13 Ways to Relax" from Kalena's blog, Teaching Made Practical:  Resources for Upper Elementary. The link to the article that Kitty shared is https://teachingmadepractical.com/relax/.Kitty also mentioned that she had free mandalas to offer for adults to color, and they are available at this link:  https://kittyboitnott.lpages.co/opt-in-for-5-mandalas-for-stress-relief/.And near the end of today's episode, Kitty mentioned that she is offering her DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Jumpstart Your Job Search 2.0 Program to any teacher who is ready to start a job search because they just don't want to go back to the classroom in the fall. The new price for that program is only $297 (down from the original $497) with a payment plan of 4 equal payments of $77 for those who need a budget-friendly plan. The link to the DIY Jumpstart Your Job Search 2.0 Program is here:  https://boitnottcoach.samcart.com/products/diy-jumpstart-your-job-search-20-program/#/sc-checkout.If you aren't sure that a program like this is right for you, but you are struggling with whether you want to go back in the fall, let's talk. My complimentary Discovery Session is available at this link:  https://teachersintransition.com/calendar.
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