17 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Teachers in Transition - Episode 118 - Self-Care for Teachers in the Summertime

Now that most schools are closed for the summer, it's time for teachers to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. Teachers need to use this summer to engage in self-care. I offer a free cheat sheet on stress management strategies for teachers at https://kittyboitnott.lpages.co/cheat-sheet-on-stress-management/. This is a great time to take for yourself to get the rest you need and to reconnect with your Higher Power as well as to concentrate on having fun and unplugging from the activities of the school year.Rest up. This fall when school starts again, students will need you to help them navigate getting back to school in person. Everyone needs to be gentle with themselves as we recover from this past year of the pandemic.For more assistance, check the website at https://teachersintransition.com for more resources on how to manage teacher stress.
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