15 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Teachers in Transition - Episode 115 - Keep Your Job Skills Up to Date

Teachers are well educated and are required to keep up their certificates with ongoing professional development courses and college credits. But sometimes, those courses don't provide the kind of training you might need if you were to start looking for a new job outside of education.Whether you are job hunting or not, it's a good idea to keep your skills updated and stay current with the technology which is always changing. If you want to be marketable, you have to have skills that make you competitive.In this episode, Kitty offers some suggestions on how to keep current without getting a new degree or another Master's degree.If you are ready to look for a new job or career direction and need help, Kitty can provide that help. Talk to her to see if her program is the right fit for you.Make an appointment for a complimentary Discovery Session at https://teachersintransition.com/calendar.
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