34 minutes | May 17, 2021

#79- Field Recording: Shannon

Shannon is a middle school counselor with over three decades of experience, and a divorced mother of two boys, both in their twenties and in college. The younger boy has autism. Topics discussed include the impact on middle school students of schools being shut down, the difficulty of counseling over Zoom, parenting a child with autism, the lack of west coast college programs aimed at helping students like her son to become independent adults, being a Mamma Bear in her son's IEP Meetings (Special Education), and helping our kids make realistic decisions. Conversation was recorded on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 1:14 PM in Laurie & Matt's backyard in Tulare, California, United States of America. Laurie & Matt are taking Teacher Saves World! into the field to capture what's happening in the world of teens and the adults that work with them. The TSW! Field Recordings are social science, opportunities for Laurie & Matt (and their listeners) to hear from authentic voices on the ground. Nothing to sell, nothing to promote. All TSW! Field Recordings are unadorned, unedited, and unscripted. To connect with Laurie & Matt and find out more: Website: TeacherSavesWorld.com Voice Message: (559) 399-0966 Email: info@teachersavesworld.com Twitter: twitter.com/teachrsaveswrld Instagram: instagram.com/teachersavesworld/ Facebook: facebook.com/teachersavesworld/
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