33 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

#66- Responsibilities, Relationships, and the Maintenance of Our Lives

Laurie & Matt share the 6th list they've started curating in their Sourcebook, a journal of ideas, concepts, and information that defines who they are and what their life stands for. We each have a Sourcebook, and you either write and live your own, or allow it to be written for you. Becoming an adult is the act of becoming responsible. We accumulate items, relationships, and responsibilities that we need to maintain in order to keep them healthy, operating properly, and from costing us unnecessarily if we fail in our duties to maintain them. It can seem overwhelming to consider everything we're supposed to care for ON TOP OF the work we do with our teens, but this important process can help reduce stress, increase appreciation, and save us, financially and otherwise. Join the healthy teachers & parents revolution, get access to exclusive videos, and receive other world saving content by subscribing to our FREE weekly newsletter at TeacherSavesWorld.com Please take a moment to subscribe and leave a review! It really helps us become more visible and grow the coalition of caring adults dedicated to the health and wellness of our teens. Get your copy of Matt's book Helping Teens Succeed in High School & Life at amazon.com/author/mattsavesworld To connect with Laurie & Matt and find out more: Website: TeacherSavesWorld.com Voice Message: (559) 399-0966 Email: info@teachersavesworld.com Twitter: twitter.com/teachrsaveswrld Instagram: instagram.com/teachersavesworld/ Facebook: facebook.com/teachersavesworld/ Show music provided by Brian Karmelich of VirtualCampfire.net
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