40 minutes | May 9th 2019

Tomeka M. Winborne, Brigette Rock, Tedra Goethe and JaMara Smith

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. This episode we talk about short film, "Aged Out." Writer / Director Tomeka M. Winborne talks with Filmmaker Brigette "B-Rock" Rock, Singer/Songwriter Tedra Goethe and Actress JaMara Smith about their journeys and roles in "Aged Out."   "Aged Out" is about a widow that grieves the loss of her husband until a desperate looking teenager knocks on her door to offer handyman services. After hiring him for odd jobs around her house, she connects with him and becomes compelled to help this young man after learning that he has AGED OUT, which in turn reignites her purpose to live. "Aged Out" has been screened at the Bronze Lens Film Festival and the CineOdysee Film Festival. The Department of Human Services in Newport News, Virginia also hosted a public screening to bring awareness ! The ladies all share how they learned about youth aging out of foster care. B Rock shares her personal account of aging out of the foster care system. We talk about the state of youth aging out of foster care. We hope to use the short film, "Aged Out" to start a conversation to bring awareness to youth aging out of foster care.  "Aged Out" can be viewed on Watch Jaro, Vimeo  and www.tomekawinborne.com/film/aged-out. You can view the bios of Brigette Rock, Tedra Goethe and JaMara Smith on http://www.tomekawinborne.com/tea-talks-with-tomeka-podcast/
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