41 minutes | Dec 17th 2019

Barbara Ann O'Leary - Directed by Women

Barbara Ann O'Leary invites the world to fall madly in love with films #DirectedbyWomen. Barbara galvanizes awareness and celebration of women film directors by actively weaving global community through social media interaction, a communal blogging initiative, interviews, filmmaker directory, and an annual worldwide film viewing party. Crucial 21st Century Cinema #DirectedbyWomen communal blogging initiative that is running all year. Film lovers are invited to contribute a short blog post (365 words or less) about one 21st century film, TV episode, etc. directed by a woman or women that they find crucial. Everyone's invited to share their perspectives. #DirectedbyWomen Global Directory: 12,678 women directors... and counting! There are MANY more women directors than most people are aware of. I invite people to turn their attention to exploring, sharing, and celebrating work by women directors. www.directedbywomen.com https://twitter.com/DirectedbyWomen https://www.facebook.com/directedbywomen https://www.instagram.com/directedbywomen    
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