31 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Ep. 008 Derek Waltchack: The Death of Retail Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Today we talk with Derek Waltchack, partner at Shannon Waltchack, about his personal perspective on the retail market in the southeast. While many investors steer clear of retail, especially when retail assets like malls are not doing so well, Derek embraces it and is doing quite well.    Key Discussion Points [00:17] Welcome and introduction by Eric Odum [00:34] About our guest, Derek Waltchack [01:14] Tell us about your firm, what you're working on, and how you ended up there [03:38] Tell us about Convenience Retail and why you are bullish on that [07:25] Is there certain tenancy and co-tenancy situations you feel more strongly about than others? [10:47] Give us an overview of the markets you are participating in within the southeast [13:08] What Cap Rates are you seeing? [18:55] Where do you think the market is headed? [24:06] Tell us about your new podcast show, Broker Lord [28:11] How can folks get in contact with you?