27 minutes | Jul 24, 2018

Tch Talks 29: Project-Based Learning with Jennifer Pieratt

What is project-based learning (PBL)? What are the challenges and benefits of this approach to deeper learning? On this episode of Tch Talks, we're chatting with the brilliant and creative Jennifer Pieratt, who is deeply committed to making deeper learning for all students and teachers a reality. Jenny helps us dig into some common questions around PBL, such as: How is PBL different from a simple culminating project? How can you integrate PBL into your existing standards and curriculum? And — with all the resources floating around in the education ecosystem — where do you begin? Listen in to find out more on this episode of Tch Talks. Jennifer Pieratt Jenny Pieratt, Ph.D. and Teacherpreneur, is President of CraftED Curriculum — a leading provider of professional development for PBL in Southern California. She was a founding staff member at High Tech High North County, a former School Development Coach at New Tech Network, and National Faculty at Buck Institute for Education (BIE). You can learn more about her work at craftedcurriculum.com and follow her work on Instagram: @Crafted_jennypieratt, Twitter: @craftEDcm, and Facebook: Crafting Deeper Learning. Resources CraftED Curriculum PBL Planning Workbook The PBL Blog More articles on PBL and Deeper Learning Follow Jenny on Twitter: @craftEDcm Follow Jenny on Instagram: @Crafted_jennypieratt Follow Jenny on Facebook: Crafting Deeper Learning Expeditionary Learning Models of Excellence High Tech High Projects Buck Institute for Education (BIE) BIE PBLU Teaching Channel Resources Tch Videos My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes Deeper Learning Series Jenny’s Blog Posts on Tchers’ Voice 3 Steps to Successful Student Collaboration Getting Started with PBL: Do ONE Thing Really Well Project Based Learning: Assessment and Other Dirty Words Crafting Deeper Collaboration: An Invitation Design Thinking, Empathy, And Equity Design Thinking, Empathy, and Equity – Part 2 Critical Friends: Building a Culture of Collaboration
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