43 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

Episode #78 - Manuel Margot

All right, smart guy, I'd like to see you name some colors. And don't even start with me on that 'indigo' crap! Fool me twice... This week we're talking about Rays' outfielder and defensive savant Manuel Margot. Margot is Exhibit A for how the shortened season really screwed up our concept since his tater tot comes at the toll of 75% of his average plate appearances.  With this in mind, we'll discuss his explosive postseason performance, and wonder what would've become of that hot streak over 162 games. We'll also go into detail on Margot's defensive prowess and whether the Rays could leverage it along with Kevin Kiermaier's beautiful eyes to field a two-player outfield. *** DONATE to Baseball For All FOLLOW us on Twitter LIKE us on Facebook SEND us an e-mail Our theme music is 'The Littlest League Possible' by Guided By Voices and our album artwork is by Shelby Criswell
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