80 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

Episode #77 - Vida Blue

Come take a mystical voyage with us back to Monday night. To a time when the result of the World Series was still up in the air and no MLB players had tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the middle of the game and then game back onto the field at the end and took their mask off and kissed their wife on the face and breathed all over cancer survivor Dave Roberts. A simpler time :) We engage in our usual Monday night tradition of discussing the life and career of Vida Blue at some length. If you're so inclined, you may be interested to see this portrait of him adorning the cover of Time Magazine's August 28, 1971 issue. You may also wish to ogle at the accumulated career statistics of Keith Hernandez's mustache. Perhaps you might even enjoy listening to to the prog rock/electronica/funk band Vida Blue's rendition of Most Events Aren't Planned. If you are uninterested in those things, perhaps you'd like to instead donate to Baseball For All. You can also listen to our theme music: Littlest League Possible by Guided By Voices. Or maybe appreciate the other work of our the author of our cover art Shelby Criswell. Or maybe send us a nice email at tatertotspod@gmail.com . Or maybe check out our bustling Facebook page at facebook.com/tatertotspod. Otherwise just catch us on Twitter at twitter.com/tatertotspod. See you next time!
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