72 minutes | Sep 17, 2020

Episode #74 - Reggie Jackson

In commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of Reggie Jackson's Tater Tot season, we humbly present you with a podcast. As we feel around for a new format, we stumble upon the talking points of champagne celebrations in the time of COVID, Reggie Jackson's online marketplace for vintage auto parts, and whether or not pitchers should be proud of giving up certain home runs. *** Players discussed on this week's episode: Reggie Jackson Carl Yastrzemski Jim Lonborg Rod Carew Orlando Cepeda Mike McCormick Tom Seaver *** Reggie Jackson's Naked Gun cameo *** DONATE to Baseball for All FOLLOW us on Twitter LIKE us on Facebook SEND us an e-mail *** Our theme music is "The Littlest League Possible" by Guided by Voices and our artwork is by Shelby Criswell.
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