61 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

Episode #73 - Sandy Koufax

Sorry this episode is late, we were busy designing a locomotive. Our train is able run without tracks, helping it to navigate traffic. However, it does not work in the rain and has already been invented. We discuss the MLB trade deadline, but, having recorded on Sunday, we missed most of the action, and there were a ton of blockbuster deals! Today’s Tot is Sandy Koufax, and we narrow in on his 1963 season. Links: Sound from The ASMR Podcast #123 | Intense Mouth Sounds 👄 Ear Eating 👂🏻 Scalp Massage & Hair Brushing 💆🏼‍♀️, Tim’s new shoes, Former Pirates GM’s big boner. Donate to Baseball For All Our theme music is Littlest League Possible by Guided By Voices. Our artwork is by Shelby Criswell Join our live streams on Thursday at 7ET: https://discord.gg/ZRuCxw9 Email: tatertotspod@gmail.com  Facebook: facebook.com/tatertotspod Twitter: twitter.com/tatertotspod
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