33 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Fish Gods: In the Business of Environmentalism

Tyler Waltenbaugh and Hunter Klobucar understand the issues in the outdoors. Plastic and garbage pollution. Waterways willed with discarded materials from anglers and outdoors visitors. Instead of ignoring the issues, these two Edinboro University students (Tyler graduated in May 2020, and Hunter will graduate in May 2021) decided to do something about it. And start a business in the process. The pair founded Fish Gods, LLC and are launching the Clean Earth Bag, a reusable bag made specifically for outdoor enthusiasts to pick up, contain, and recycle plastic and garbage pollution they encounter while in the outdoors. The Clean Earth Bag eliminates the problems that come along with using trash bags, grocery bags, or any other home remedy you’ve been using to collect outdoor waste.  Tyler and Hunter joined "Tartan Talks" today to chat about their venture and what they're doing to clean the waterways for outdoor enthusiasts and future generations.
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