52 minutes | Mar 16th 2017

95 - Back To Basics

Lokeen is liking the French auto loaders at top tier M60 is required for competitive play M60 should be nerfed to match M48 gun Premium tanks should not be allowed in competitive play Defender is still OP as hell KV-1 with the 57mm in a platoon is insane Shout out to the Stonewall Brigade SWBG 07 Back to Basics - settings Shoutout to DB_Warlord Graphics settings - ensure grass is turned off in sniper mode Never rub another man's rhubarb Ensure auto-aim is set to "with button" Joystick and Camera sensitivity - try them both at 150% Ammo bar stays open option - make sure it's turned on Having problems with TeamSpeak or Discord on same device, turn down game sound Leave Supremacy enabled or wait much longer to get a game Never give up! Every game is winnable Lokeen's Golden Rules #WWLD : Shoot drive wheels Never fight fair Keep your gun in the game Be patient early - don't be spotted first What would Lokeen do? #WWLD
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