34 minutes | Jan 24th 2017

91 - Battle Boosters

Update 3.5, Ram II damage record, tier VII light tank nerfs, updated Dead Rail Lokeen sets the all-time damage record for the Ram II Lokeen wants the IS-2's dust to come from the tracks instead of the middle NEW CONTENT Boosters will be introduced. Players can receive them for completing missions or purchase booster bundles in the Store using gold. The boosters are divided into economic (Combat XP, Free XP, and Crew XP boosters) and combat (cooldown boosters) varieties. After the release of the Update, each player will receive 12 boosters (3 boosters of each type). In the Garage, players will see the booster button and "+" signs for navigating to the XP and credit exchange tabs, which were transferred to a separate screen from the Store. The Vehicles tab will be added to the Store, displaying all Premium vehicles available in the Tech Tree that haven’t been purchased by the player yet. BALANCE IMPROVEMENTS Penetration was adjusted for middle-tier light tanks so that their tactics would be based on dynamics rather than on head-on confrontations. Tier VII Spähpanzer SP I C For the 90 mm D921 F1 gun: Penetration of the OFL shell changed from 170 mm to 150 mm Penetration of the OCC shell changed from 250 mm to 190 mm For the 90 mm Mecar gun: Penetration of the Mecar AP shell changed from 180 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the Mecar HEAT shell changed from 250 mm to 200 mm For the 90 mm Mecar mit Mehrladeeinrichtung gun: Penetration of the Mecar AP shell changed from 180 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the Mecar HEAT shell changed from 250 mm to 200 mm Reload time of one shell increased from 2 s to 3.5 s Reload time of the magazine decreased from 14 s to 12.5 s LTTB For the 85 mm ZiS-S-53 gun, reload time increased from 7 s to 7.5 s For the 85 mm D-5T-85BM gun, reload time increased from 6.5 s to 7.5 s For the 85 mm D-10-85 gun: Penetration of the UBR-365KBM100 shell changed from 170 mm to 150 mm Penetration of the UBR-365PBM100 shell changed from 216 mm to 200 mm Reload time increased from 6.6 s to 7.2 s Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse changed from 0.12 to 0.1 Aiming time decreased from 2.5 s to 2.3 s T71 For the 76 mm Gun T185: Penetration of the HVAP-DS-T M331A2 shell changed from 175 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the HEAT-T M496 shell changed from 210 mm to 200 mm Reload time of the magazine decreased from 15 to 13 s Tier VIII  Spähpanzer Ru 251 For the 90 mm Rheinmetall DM1gun, penetration of the DM13shell changed from 190 mm to 180 mm MAPS The Dead Rail map was updated. The main aim was to retain gameplay familiar to players, while fixing problematic issues. The map remains the same recognizable Dead Rail: with the abundant vegetation between snow-covered rocks and hills, the railroad that divides the location into two sections, and the town in the center. However, the following changes were introduced: Tank destroyer positions were changed based on player heat map analysis. In the spawn areas, additional cover positions were added that protect vehicle sides and allow them to take an advantageous fire position. The number of railcars was reduced and their positioning was changed. Unfair shoot-through positions and dead-ends between railcars were removed. Some minor changes were introduced to the town area: the bulldozer that hindered the movement of large-tonnage tanks was removed, passages between buildings became wider, the fire area from tank destroyer positions near the red line was narrowed, and several bushes were added. In the hills area near the railroad, timings were adjusted, hill geometry was changed, vegetation became scarcer, and new fire positions were added for slower medium tanks and tank destroyers. On the way from the hills to the fields, several cover positions and bushes were added. Approaches to the field from the railroad were flattened, the number of approaches is now equal for each team, the approaches became smoother and more suitable for vehicles with low elevation angles. On the field, several hill cover positions were added, the rock in the center was enlarged and bushes were added. The heavy tank area in the hollow near the field became more even, additional cover positions were added nearby. About 60% of vegetation was removed as it hindered movement and decreased the performance of many Android devices. Terrain roughness on hill slopes that hindered firing on the move was fixed. The flag was moved further towards the railroad direction. Timings and shoot-through areas in this section were adjusted. On the Oasis Palms and Mines maps, issues with vehicles getting stuck were fixed. TOURNAMENTS A flexible prize fund and tables of rewards sorted by tournament stages were added. Now players can see what prize they can get depending on the team’s progress in the tournament. Navigation by group number was added to tournament charts. To find a particular group, the player should know its number. The Teams button display on the tournament screen was fixed. The display of intervals for team places in tournaments, invite texts for tournaments with long names, and invites from players with long names was also fixed. The issue with the incorrect display of the number of teams in the Created column was fixed. The issue with the incorrect display of the battle start time after the closure of tournament registration due to the participant limit was fixed. GENERAL FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS For iOS devices, the ability to select graphics settings higher than the device limit was restricted (iOS). A discount on Field Rations was added to clan Supply (5% discount for Supply level IX). In training rooms, a password is now requested when tapping the closed room, and the room members and selected vehicles are hidden until the player enters the password. The animation for an oncoming victory/loss in Supremacy mode was changed: it became more evident. An option for adjustment settings was added for the first battle if the player had not changed the setting before. (Android). The 30 FPS limitation for the Garage was removed (Desktop). Certificate and Commendation Token icons were updated. The cooldown animation was reworked for active consumables. For Japan, credits were divided into “purchased” and “earned”, similarly to gold on the Account screen (JA). BUGS Several models were fixed: the Cromwell Berlin (the issues with tracks moving faster than the vehicle), M7 (appearance of tracks), M5 Stuart (turret position and display of camouflage, dust effect), KV-1S (texture of the destroyed vehicle), Pz.Kpfw. V/IV (transparent textures removed). Minor bugs fixed for the TOG II*, VK 45.03, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, FCM 50 t models. The display of penetration areas on the T57 Heavy turret was fixed. The display of camouflages on the Löwe and the LTTB was fixed. The format of Soviet and U.S. vehicle icons was unified. For the Korean localization, the font used in bundle descriptions in the Store was changed to Core Sans. The issue with values being reset to zero when exchanging gold into credits was fixed. Bug with the in-battle vehicle markers overlapping the icons of the currently used consumables was fixed. Bug, where the VK 16.02 Leopard was not considered for the Hunter medal, was fixed. Bug with repeating notifications about adding Premium Account and other receipts was fixed. Counters for the honorary ranks, which can only be received once, were removed. Bug with authorization failure, when the Facebook account used for authorization is renamed, was fixed. Incorrect working of the reticle, when Lookout Area is enabled, was fixed. Bug, where it was possible to select an unrepaired vehicle in a training room (the Ready button was active), was fixed. Bug with the Dismiss Platoon button, when the selected player wasn’t online (the button used to be empty), was fixed. Bug, where the information about the base capture status in Encounter battles was outdated after a game reconnection, was fixed. Bug with the incorrect working of reloading, when there weren’t enough shells to fill the whole magazine, was fixed. Bug, where the wrong base marker was displayed after a vehicle was destroyed in its capture circle in the Supremacy mode, was fixed. Display of the mission texts was fixed for the Thai localization (TH). Bug, where settings of the Supremacy mode didn’t become default if all settings were reset on another tab, was fixed. Bug, where honorary ranks within a series were not displayed in battle results when the player fought in a platoon, was fixed. Bug, where using keyboard shortcuts caused interruptions in vehicle movements, was fixed (Desktop). Game description and notification texts were reworked.  Different screens were reworked. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
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