49 minutes | Jan 14th 2017

90 - M60 Envy

Tank Boom! 90 - M60 Envy Tank Boom! is back on track Lephturn and Lokeen are both here to stay Flatter maps means gun depression is less needed Lokeen prefers the T-62A these days #MakeTheLeoALight #WWLD @TankBoom Planned balancing of top tier mediums - penetration and turret armour Russian meds need the nerf, Germans don’t HEAT-54 penetration nerf makes sense Over complex Christmas event Fury for sale again The M60 debacle #Triggered by “loyalty” Translation problems Beware jealousy for it is the green eye’d monster Yes the M60 is pretty good - but not OP Platoon indicator light! #WWLD Map leak - looks like Mayan ruins Please give us more historical WWII maps You can’t handle real seal clubbing A better way to do a special event MM that takes skill into account Special thanks to our Patrons https://patreon.com/tankboom
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