51 minutes | Dec 20th 2016

89 - Minecraft Expert

89 - Minecraft Expert Welcome Minecraftexpert_25 of PRAMO on the HEAT squad in Twister Cup Blitz Twister Cup finals in New York - representing the NA server Count-ins - it's worth the stat hit Blitz Twister Cup - the road to New York Teams of 8 - only 1 alternate was pretty tough Committing to travel before knowing all the details was difficult World of Tanks Blitz is a great eSport - compared well to PC Play style differences between servers It's not about damage in Europe it's about winning as a team What it was like competing in the first Blitz world tornament WiFi apocalypse Amazing competition with teams extremely evenly matched But for some bad breaks PRAMO HEAT is in the finals Flexibility and adapting quickly was key to winning the Twister Cup What it takes to win at this level - commitment and practice Counterfeit nuts Future tournaments need to be planned farther ahead and provide more alternates We hope more competitive 
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