32 minutes | Dec 5th 2016

88 - Suprise Update

Tank Boom Episode 88 - Surprise Update Surprise World of Tanks Blitz update version 3.4 Just update the app unless you are having problems - no need to delete and reinstall Waiting on stats fix Valiant Effort bug is now fixed - but it will take a week for the Mastery bar to come back down World of Tanks Blitz update 3.4  Storage has been added - for certificates When you click on equipment and provisions you can see the effect on stats Supply level 9 for clans - comes with discounts and a clan camouflage (but it's ugly) Supply level 9 comes with 10% discount on camo resupply New map Canyon - is huge and wide open - Tier VI and up only Move together - pick a side - but not on top of each other T57 Heavy Line! Flash 24hr Shinobi sale for Cyber Monday Shinobi prints money but is not OP at all New Setting in Other - allow ammo selector to stay open - turn it on! Bug fixes Tournaments updated to show previous, current, and upcoming tournaments Detailed graphics settings added similar to PC games
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