76 minutes | Apr 8th 2018

Episode 50 - Storybook Ending

Choose your path to love, Tandem Fam! This week we are knee deep in choose-your-own-adventure goodness as we chat with Martha Marie, one of the most prolific streamers and players of Otome (story-based simulation/dating simulation) games. We talk about the tropes within the genre, representation and problematic themes, Martha's favorites, and our own experiences with otome games. In other news, we give our first impressions of A Way Out and Breath of the Wild, discuss the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Far Cry 5 reviews, Street Fighter: World Warrior TV series, and the new esports stadium coming to the DFW area. Lastly, we give some long overdue love to The Dom, Call Me Kevin, Anima Gaming, Kaylaslovely, Madam Sharky and others on this week's PYT. Let's level up!
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