102 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

72. #PettyTamTam Shenanigans: STFU Awards... w/ Khris & Autumn

This week I am joined by my pod-sisters Khris and Autumn (links to their socials below).  This time around for the #PettyTamTamChronicles I wanted to do something special, so I had Khris and Autumn hop on so we can bless yall with our "Shenanigans" while we hand out SEVERAL "STFU Awards". 

If you are not familiar with the STFU Awards, this is a key component from Autumn's show. And if you are a fan of the #PettyTamTamChronicles, trust me when I say that you are in for a super petty treat.  

Raggedy fitness trainers who shame their clients on the internet; parents who blast the other parent in front of their child(ren); and miserable folks who try to bash people to fit in, though they don't have themselves together... these are just a few of the types of folks who can STFU!

If you missed the 3/27/21 #PodcastHH, catch the replay on JBoog's platform HERE

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