55 minutes | Oct 11, 2018

🎧 Innovators Who Regret Their Inventions

Imagine inventing a useful something that people use in their everyday lives - would be kind of cool you think?! Then why are some inventors rethinking those inventions? The list of inventions that you will recognize where their inventors wished they had never invented will surprise you. Hint: you may be using one of these inventions every morning... U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh continues to experience the denial of his due process and presumption of innocence even though the final FBI investigation is conclusive that accuser Dr. Ford’s allegation of sexual battery have no merit. Democrats continue to deflect, redirect and delay the confirmation process in an obvious power grab. DrRon & Linda share evening coffee and conversation from California to Texas and discuss everything from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings debacle; to more problems in California with Gov. Jerry Brown; to innovators who regret their inventions to good news of the day. Join us for lively coffee conversation and political discourse.
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