56 minutes | Oct 2, 2018

🎧 A Couples Perspective on Great Sex, Overeating and Kavanaugh

Well, who do you believe – Dr. Ford or SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh? I think we have it all figured out and it’s not rocket science. DrRon & Linda return from their amazing European vacation and discuss the debacle of the Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh who is denied his due process presumption of innocence and we are forced to listen to flaky Dr. Christine Ford who wakes up 35 years later to find she’s a sexual assault victim and Judge K is the bad guy. Since this train wreck is taking all of the air out of the room, we have to discuss it. Then we renew your spirits by talking about Europe, great sex, good food and wine and some good news for a change. Join us for coffee and conversation!
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