100 minutes | May 30th 2019

Episode 14 - Talking Tunes ft. Beth Appanaitis

The Goons are happy to have their coach the great Beth Appanaitis on todays episode! Beth talks to us about one of her favorite albums from her youth Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? by The Cranberries. Beth was 16 when this album came out and she tells us verbatim the moment she bought it, listened to it, and fell in love with it. She tells us about how this album really connected with her in the time it came out. We talk about the album and how some of the songs on here are still very huge in popular culture. This also gets us talking about all of us growing up and the stuff we're working on and how we're trying to better ourselves. It was such a lovely chat and I hope you enjoy it Talking Tunes With These Two Goons RSS
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