114 minutes | Mar 28th 2019

Episode 10 - Talking Tunes ft. Mike Madsen

The goons invite on fellow Improvisor and swell guy Mike Madsen to the podcast. Mike talks to us about the album Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd, an album neither Matt or Alex have ever listened to. Alex is getting slowly into Pink Floyd, but Matt and Mike have been fans for a while. Going through the album they talk about how it influenced their sound and other bands sound in general. Also, we give lots of well deserved praise to David Gilmour. Mike talks to us about what drew him to Pink Floyd and how it really helped him in his life when he got into them and why they're still one of his favorite bands. We also go on tangents about current pop music, shitty current folk music, and many more. This was such a fun episode to record. Enjoy Talking Tunes With These Two Goons RSS
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