81 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

Vile Creature

This week on the Talking to Ghosts podcast we have doom metal duo (debateably a 9-piece, actually) Vile Creature! We were excited to talk to them after the recent release of their Kitty "Paperdoll" cover for The Flenser Nu Metal compilation, which is available now for digital purchase or as part of The Flenser's Series 3 subscription. Vile Creature is a great band with great folks. Michael was made to watch The Pagemaster film, we performed a focus group regarding the Juicy Mosh Shorts, and talked a lot about how to make time for creativity while also running a business. For more information about Vile Creature, check out thier official website. Their newest full length, "Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!" is available via their Bandcamp. Talking to Ghosts is recorded and produced by Michael Kurt and Wesley Mueller. For an archive of all our episodes and reviews, check out our official website.
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